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    Change to the hacks

    By Sphex,

    We have now changed the hacks from individual hacks into a tier system. If you go and look in the hacks and pricing thread you will see how we have presented this. 

    Instead of having 3 hacks named esp-only / private and aimbot we have now listed them into 3 tiers. If you read through each one you will notice that the requirements are different for each. 

    When we first released the ESP-Only hack which is now the Level-1 we stated that it would be a one time thing depending on how it all went and that we would more than likely not update the hack. We are happy to tell you guys that we are now keeping the Level-1 hack as a permanent thing here at ASMF.

    The level-1 hack will be available to anyone as long as we are allowing people in, of course there is a limit as to how many people we will let in for this so just pop on to our discord server and ask if there is any space available. 

    ESP Only released today

    By Sphex,

    So today we are releasing for one time only the disposable ESP only cheat!


    Some FAQ's

    Q: Do i need to submit an application?
    A: NO! This somewhat a public hack, only the private hack requires vetting.

    Q: Will you be updating this hack often or at all?
    A: No, this is a one time release and once it's gone, it's gone! However it will give you a taste of our private hack!

    Q: What is the payment method
    A: For obvious reason we are going with BTC only!

    Q: Are there any refunds if the hack is detected within a day?
    A: NO! There are no refunds what so ever! You buy this hack knowing this so don't complain! No one is forcing you to purchase this!

    Q: What is included?
    A: See features below

    Q:Will purchasing this hack give me a good chance of getting a VIP Slot
    A: We will see, if we think you are trustworthy then maybe

    Q:Will you release another ESP only in the future?
    A: That is a possibility but noting is for sure.

    Q:If we buy it and the hack does not last a month, will our VIP be frozen?
    A: No, your VIP will be removed fully!

    Q:If you decide to make another one in the future will those that purchased get it for free or a discounted price?
    A: For free? no, for a discounted price? we will work something out but no promises!


    About our decision

    We have released this hack as we get messages daily asking to buy VIP slots and we have also seen how other sites charge triple what we are asking and hardly keep it going, so we thought we would create a simple ESP and let people have a taste of what they could buy into being a VIP member here.



    Windows 7 / Windows 10 both fully up to date! Make sure that your AV's are turned off

    Windows 10 version: 1703 / OS Build: 15063.483 <-- Should be that version for windows 10
    Windows 7 version: x64 6.1 (build 7601)

    I do not want to sit there and help users troubleshoot the hack, if you make sure that you are up to date and all protection is turned off, you should have no issues what so ever!

    Features of this hack

    • Player ESP
    • Player Boxes
    • Names
    • Health
    • Distance
    • You can change the colours of the players esp 


    How to purchase

    So, after reading the above and wishing to proceed you are agreeing to all of the above. We understand that you would like to see this hack continued and updated, hey, it might do? But we need to put our focus onto our private hack instead which is why we say this one is a one time single release, so you can't keep asking us to update it or what ever as like mentioned, it's disposable!

    We are selling the hack for £58 BTC (this is to cover fee's)

    Contact The-Noob on Discord - Please only message me ONCE telling me you wish to purchase and that you have everything ready! Please do not ask me then continue to bug me, do this and i will ignore you! So please, just get everything you want to say into one message!!!!!

    Once you have been given the go ahead from my self we will then wait for your payment to clear fully before we proceed on to giving you access to the forums and the hack. 


    Please do not piss about with the BTC payments, makes sure the amount is exactly as i ask for! I will not be sending money back and forth if you get it wrong! Get it right the first time or lose out on what ever you send! 

    Thank you for reading and we hope you understand, sorry to those that we may disappoint but it is what it is!

    PUBG ESP Only - Coming soon!

    By Sphex,

    We here at ASMFreakz are planning on releasing an ESP only cheat real soon! 

    This cheat will not include any application processes or anything like that and it is a first come first served basis! 

    There will be 15 slots only!

    The only payment we will accept for this will be BTC only! 


    More info to follow in the coming days!


    Please vote on the poll as well!

  • Hack Status

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    Hack status: Online | Type: VIP
    Last Updated: 23/04/2019[16:41:30]

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    Battalion 1944
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    Black Squad
    Hack status: Online | Type: VIP
    Last Updated: 26/05/2019[22:18:06]

    Call Of Duty BO3
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    Last Updated: 21/06/2019[15:54:21]

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    Hack status: Online | Type: Private
    Last Updated: 19/06/2019[08:11:04]

    Hack status: Offline | Type: VIP
    Last Updated: N/A