September update!

    By Sphex,

    New portal

    So as you may have noticed we now have a front page portal. On this portal you will be able to see the latest news that we post as well as the hack status for our current hacks, i am still working on the portal so you may see some changes in the coming days.


    Changes to the way you apply

    Due to the high amount of people asking for the hack and the amount of drama that is circulating we are re-working the way people can gain access to the hacks, especially the ever popular PUBG. Our current system for the hack has 3 tiers with tier 1 currently being a first come first served basis, this is all to change!

    Tier 2 and 3 will somewhat stay the same but for tier 1 we are revamping the whole process. We are looking to head back to application's and are looking into some sort of invite system and no, we won't charge you £500 for an instant invite like some sites do.

    At this current time spaces are all full up for the PUBG hack and it will stay that way till we have decided on what the process will be for joining. 

    Please disregard anything you see on the site that mentions about how to apply as like i have just mentioned, this is all to change! 


    Changes to Discord and the shoutbox 

    Our discord is still up and running but we have changed how this is to be used, we have a full set of rules in there so if you join be sure to check them over before you start asking questions. The shoutbox on the site is open to any question you may have about the hacks so please use that if you need some info.


    New hacks

    Some of you may have noticed that we have added a few more hacks to the roster. We are planning on supporting some F2P games like Dirty Bomb, BlackSquad, AVA and maybe even the old but ever popular Warrock! As well as F2P games we will also be working on some of the popular games like Rust, Fortnight and others.

    Please read

    By Sphex,

    We are getting more and more people joining the site and mainly discord just to ask questions right away about slots and this is becoming really tiresome and repetitive on our part.

    For this reason we have changed the rules involving the slots and for discord in general.

    -Discord rules

    • Please read the announcement page first before you even mention about slots! 
    • If you start asking about slots in the lobby you will be kicked from the server!
    • Do not message an admin/mod asking about slots or prices, it's all on our site and announcement channel.
    • Please do not try to start any arguments, just have some fun!
    • If you have questions about slots or prices after checking the site, then please use the shoutbox that is on the site!

    Failing to follow these rules a first time will result in a kick, failing a second time will see you banned from the discord.

    If you have any questions about the hack or slots use either the shoutbox here on the site OR make a post in the general support section.

    Change to the hacks

    By Sphex,

    We have now changed the hacks from individual hacks into a tier system. If you go and look in the hacks and pricing thread you will see how we have presented this. 

    Instead of having 3 hacks named esp-only / private and aimbot we have now listed them into 3 tiers. If you read through each one you will notice that the requirements are different for each. 

    When we first released the ESP-Only hack which is now the Level-1 we stated that it would be a one time thing depending on how it all went and that we would more than likely not update the hack. We are happy to tell you guys that we are now keeping the Level-1 hack as a permanent thing here at ASMF.

    The level-1 hack will be available to anyone as long as we are allowing people in, of course there is a limit as to how many people we will let in for this so just pop on to our discord server and ask if there is any space available. 

  • Hack Status

    7 Days To Die
    Hack status: Online | Type: VIP

    AA: Proving Grounds
    Hack status: Offline | Type: VIP

    Hack status: Offline | Type: VIP

    Battalion 1944
    Hack status: Offline | Type: VIP

    Hack status: Offline | Type: VIP

    Black Squad
    Hack status: Testing | Type: VIP

    Call Of Duty BO3
    Hack status: Offline | Type: VIP

    Hack status: Online | Type: VIP

    Dirty Bomb
    Hack status: Offline | Type: VIP

    Hack status: Offline | Type: VIP

    Hack status: Testing | Type: Private

    Hack status: Offline | Type: VIP