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Terms of Service


  • Do not send any money to anyone other than myself (Sphex). Only i deal with the hacks on this discord! If you receive any PM's from any type of member talking about payments etc then please let an Admin know straight away! If any member starts to PM you trying to get you to buy someone else's hack then please get in touch with an admin right away! 

    We are a legitimate community here and we offer REAL hacks for PUBG as well as 7DaysToDie. We are not scammers and have never scammed anyone! We are open about any detection's we encounter and do not delete topics concerning this matter!

    We are not affiliated with any other community nor do we wish to become affiliated either.

    Please be sure to read the rules and follow them. Failing to do so will result action being taken against you.

    • No posting of other cheat site links.
    • No recruiting.
    • No threatening ASMFreakz members.
    • No posting of warez.
    • No racism or discrimination towards others. 
    • No posting of pornographic images or images that are deemed graphic.
    • No begging for cheats.
    • No begging to be staff.
    • No disrespecting staff.
    • No disrespecting ASMFreakz
    • No posting of botnet, phishing or viral, server hacking material.
    • No ban evasion on an alternate account.
    • No Sharing of your account.
    • No selling of anything on the site or in discord!

    Rules for slots/application

    • Do not message an admin asking when slot's will be open.
    • Do not message an admin asking to pay higher than the amount set.
    • Do not message an admin to ask them to notify you of when slots are free.
    • Do not message Mod's for any of the above.
    • We reserve the right to remove you at any time from any hack without warning! We will only remove you if we feel we have a good enough reason! We will not discuss this any further with any member what so ever!

    Any down time of a hack will be compensated if the time the hack is down runs to 7 days or more! Time will be compensated for a full 7 days pending your subscription type. If you are on a 1 day subscription then you will be compensated 2 days. 

    Rules to be changed at any time, it is up to you to check!

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