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Dead By Daylight - Plus More Information

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Currently updated the DeadByDaylight hack i know this is not really news as we try update ASAP but this update includes auto skill checker and Crosshair

auto skill check will automatically press space bar when and if the skill check is required this is currently a test function and might not ALWAYS work so remember to try press the skill check your self :)


but about the more information the other cheats like BlackSquad and PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds(PUBG) are currently being looked at and reworked they will come with something alittle new which WILL come to other current hacks in time i cant give to much information about it because im trying my best to make it work with our current system AND also make new changes to our loader / cheats so this is why BlackSquad is taking a little more time then others so please remember i have not forgot :) i will update ASAP! thanks!


PS. we will try to reply to ALL support tickets within 12 hours(depending on the ticket and issue 24 hours for these types)

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4 hours ago, FoolishPurp said:

Thanks for the updates! 🙏🏻 Can’t wait to see what the Black Squad up dates like, personally can’t wait to purchase it for myself!

I'm also super anxious

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