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Please read before sending a support ticket

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Recently people have been sending support tickets and are making an half arsed job about it.

First thing first, we only accept BTC here so if you are not accustomed with BTC then please do not send a ticket asking to purchase a hack then asking for support on buying with BTC! Use google and work it out for yourself's, we are not going to sit there and guide you through the whole process.

Any tickets sent asking about how to buy BTC will be deleted.

The second issue i want to address here is the formatting of peoples tickets. If you are wanting to purchase a hack then please state the hack name in the title of the ticket and the details of the hack that you wish to purchase as we have different tiers and pricing set ups.

Please do not copy and paste the information from the hack sale threads into the ticket and send that as we will be forced to delete the ticket.

Please only submit a ticket if you have the BTC ready and waiting, we delete all tickets after 15 hours! 

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