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Please read the following carefully before you decide to purchase any hack from us!

The following rules apply to all hacks and all VIP members, no exceptions!

  1. We will NOT under any circumstances change your GUID. You need to make sure that the GUID you first use with the hack is the ONLY GUID you use with the hack!
  2. Make sure you do not have any external drives plugged in when you use the hack as this can change your GUID
  3. If you are purchasing a new computer (all together) then it is suggested that you wait till you get it as of course, you will need your GUID changing which we will not do!
  4. Buying new graphic cards, memory is OK, as long as you don't install new hard drives.

We are doing this as there are too many people thinking that they can just change computers or what ever and expect us to change the GUID to match! 

I have already mentioned all of this in previous post across the forums so now it has it's own thread!

Recap: We will not unlock any accounts that get locked! It is down to you to make sure that your GUID is safe and remains as is!

I will only accept and unlock if the fee you offer is above £100! Yes i am deadly serious! 

You have been warned!

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