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Here you will find all the information on how many slots we have available. This will be updated when ever there are slots available! Please do not message an admin/mod to find out if there are any slots available.

Please make sure that you have read over the rules before applying.

Subscription - Monthly

  • Testing slots available: 0 slots 
  • General slots available: 0 slots
  • Extra slots available: 0 slots
  • Instant access slots available: 0 slots available

 There are no lifetime subscriptions and you are not permitted to resell you'r slot!

All sales go directly through myself, do not message any other Admin/Mod about sales or slots or anything to do with it.

Buying a slot means you are agreeing to a strict no refund policy. All purchases will be sent via a paypal with a note (will be given when purchasing)

Admins of ASMFreakz may remove you from using the application at any time if we feel the need is necessary. Reason's for this will not be discussed.

Extra slots to the application can and will be added over time and unexpectedly. It is down to you to check, we will not send out personal messages to people notifying them of an available slot.

If there are no slots available then we ask you to be patient and wait for the next wave of slots, please do not message admins/mods with the following:

  • To be told when a slot is free
  • To pay extra to get a slot
  • Offering other services to gain a slot

Failing to follow any of this will result in an instant revoke of any applications you submit.

Any account sharing or sharing of the application will result in an instant ban.

Before entering an application please make sure that your windows system is completely up to-date. If you apply and then tell us to wait so you can update your OS we will have no choice but to revoke your application. 

Once application's are closed members that are chosen will receive a PM on here/Discord. If you do not receive a PM from myself, please do not PM any staff asking why you was declined or how you can improve, this is down to you. Please do not discuss this over in discord either.


  • Do not message an admin asking when slot's will be open.
  • Do not message an admin asking to pay higher than the amount set.
  • Do not message an admin to ask them to notify you of when slots are free.
  • Do not message Mod's for any of the above.
  • Do not ask staff why you was declined nor take the conversation into discord.

Prices may change at any time!

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