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  4. Seasons Greetings

    Exactly what i thiught about the timing but i’m sure they are updating stuffs right now that’s why it takes a bit longer for them to respond
  5. PUBG - No buyin

    I want to buy
  6. Seasons Greetings

    That's awesome least we all know it's active buuut........*looks at support ticket clocked at 32 hours and 2nd support ticket clocked at 20 hours* thinking the wait time is longer than 2 hours. Well least I know we're not forgotten.
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  8. Seasons Greetings

    Christmas is approaching and what better way to relax than to kill a few noobs on PUBG and other games that we support. One thing we keep getting asked is "Do we have a discord" and the answer is no. We shut it down before it got shut down as discords that discuss things like what we cover is against the TOS of discord so rather than wait for some scrub to get it shut we just closed it down our self's. Like mentioned above we are always active in our support section (wait of about 2 hours tops) so if you have any issues or questions then please make a ticket and be sure to use the title to briefly explain what it is you are seeking help with followed by a detailed explanation. We are not very active on the forums with posting and such, this is because we deal mostly in the support section of the forums.
  9. PUBG - No buyin

    Hello how to buy ? discord contact?
  10. PUBG - No buyin

    I need a week. How should I pay?
  11. PUBG - No buyin

    i want to buy it now how to i do?
  12. PUBG - Lowered Prices

    Why not directly sell KEY? This is more convenient.
  13. PUBG - No buyin

    I want to buy PUBG-1 month - 80.
  14. PUBG - Lowered Prices

  15. PUBG - Lowered Prices

    I want to buy day keys ,how to buy?
  16. PUBG - No buyin

    good day Sphex, i tried applying for your slot? was just wondering how long would it take for you to have a reply? sorry for the inconvinience
  17. PUBG - Lowered Prices

    ***BLACK SQUAD HAS NOW BEEN UPDATED*** Due to high and popular demand we have updated the Black Squad hack PUBG prices have been lowered This includes ALL regions 1 day - £7 3 days - £13 2 weeks - £50 1 month - £100 Please make a support ticket under PUBG and state which one you would like to buy! BTC PAYMENTS ONLY
  18. PUBG - No buyin

    I want buy pubg cheat. How to buy?
  19. PUBG - No buyin

    I want buy pubg cheat. How to buy?

    I need to buy cheating
  21. PUBG - No buyin

    I need to buy cheating

    Can't buy it, has been monopolized
  23. PUBG - No buyin


    How do you apply?
  25. PUBG - No buyin

    I need buy pubg cheat
  26. PUBG - No buyin

    I need to buy it now. I was a dealer. Can you help me
  27. PlayerUnknownBattleGrounds Slots Update!

    I want to get the PUBG slot
  28. PlayerUnknownBattleGrounds Slots Update!

    Where can I find a purchase link
  29. PlayerUnknownBattleGrounds Slots Update!

    I want to apply for a new card slot.
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