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  4. PlayerUnknownBattleGrounds Slots Update!

    I want to get the PUBG slot
  5. PlayerUnknownBattleGrounds Slots Update!

    Where can I find a purchase link
  6. PlayerUnknownBattleGrounds Slots Update!

    I want to apply for a new card slot.
  7. PUBG - No buyin

    how i can buy?
  8. PlayerUnknownBattleGrounds Slots Update!

    Why can't I apply for a card slot?
  9. PUBG - No buyin

    How to apply for it?
  10. PUBG - No buyin

    will pubg cheat be private? will slot be limited when applications are too much
  11. PUBG - No buyin

    how to apply
  12. PUBG - No buyin

    how to apply
  13. PUBG - No buyin

    Hello, excuse me, is here to submit an application?
  14. PUBG - No buyin

    thank you. any payment method for me?
  15. PUBG - No buyin

    Yeah i believe that is a user of ours. Yes. We don't make videos of our hacks, our users can tell you we are all good.
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  17. PUBG - No buyin is this your hack video?
  18. PUBG - No buyin

    can we buy now?
  19. PUBG - No buyin

    Is there a latest video for this? Bcz I just found YouTube video post 11months ago?
  20. PUBG - No buyin

  21. PUBG - No buyin

    How many slots left
  22. PUBG - No buyin

  23. PUBG - No buyin

    Now we can buy now?
  24. New game to be added

    Hi, How do I purchase the PUBG hack?

    To all new and existing customers here at ASMFreaks You need to be aware that our hacks currently DO CURRENTLY support the new windows version 1803 update. We are also starting to distance our self's from Windows-7 and Windows-8 (but the hack will work on these OS) If you have any questions then please submit a support ticket. If you have read this and go forward with purchasing the hack then please note: There are no refunds, If you are Windows-7 or Windows-8 and the hack don't work then please update to windows-10, we can help with the GUID reset and also assist with upgrading.
  26. We Have More Slots Left For PlayerUnknownBattleGrounds! We Have New Features(Check PUBG topic found HERE) Be The First To Have The BEST Undetected Hacks On The Internet

    Is hack still available? im interested in possible purchase.

    Forum is open? and you need to apply.
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