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  4. 4yDak

    ASMFreakZ - Clean up!

    7daytodie work?
  5. https://discord.gg/Y3fwQ7c
  6. @ChinaMan is there a new discord channel or ? i used this hack for pubg before it was amazing but now how is it going ? any news ? is it still updating or ?
  7. ITAVB

    ASMFreakZ - Clean up!

    are you still supporting black squad cheating?
  8. pls unclean, i miss the shit posts
  9. ASMFreakZ Has been updated AND been cleaned up 2020 will be a new year so we have removed MOST old topics and clean up the place alittle thanks!
  10. We here at ASMF are looking for 1 or 2 resellers If you feel that you are suitable for this role then please get in touch via the ticket system Our main seller is PUBG but we will also allow you to resell our other cheats at low prices T&C apply
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